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About Wisdom Fireworks

In the year 1942 Lauren Wisdom started a small fireworks business. As WWII ended Lauren's brother Benjamin Wisdom had returned home.

Ben as he was known, dropped out of school at the age of 12 and ran away with the circus and started as a laborer and ended up shooting their daily fireworks. Ben, loved the circus and entertaining; he was with the Tom Packs circus until he was 16. Ben left the circus to join the army and fight in the war. He wanted to go so bad that he lied about his age to join.

Upon returning his brother Lauren wanted out of the fireworks business. Ben jumped at the chance to take over Wisdom Sales Company. Ben was a traveler and went all over the world learning new techniques in the fireworks industry. He was well known for his displays and his set pieces. He was a true artist spending hours upon hours creating new set pieces like a stage coach being robbed, battle ships fighting and an Indian shooting his bow into a target. Wisdom Sales Company was even the first company to shoot for the St Louis Cardinals. He also was a ground breaker in selling fireworks to the public under a tent. Ben had over 60 tents a season all over southeast Missouri and sold consignment from Missouri to California.

Ben did not do this alone; he had four sons whom also helped. His middle son, Dennis, decided to follow in the family business, and in 1980, purchased the company from his father. Dennis ran the company and added tent rentals. The professional shows under Dennis' creativity, even got bigger and more spectacular. In 1987, Dennis changed the company name to Cosmic INC.

Dennis also loved to travel and went to China and helped put a million-dollar show on for the emperor. The company has also done many great displays for country music stars and for the movies.

In the year 1993 Cosmic Inc. was contacted by MGM. They needed a set piece, the size of a billboard. The movie “The people verses Larry Flynt” went fantastically and turned out to be a great experience for the family.

In 2003, Dennis' youngest son Brian took over the business. Brian has also done shows all over the US and has partnered to shoot the KC Royals shows and is now the main set piece creator.

In the year 2015 Dennis Wisdom's oldest son retired from the military as a Lieutenant Colonel, and decided to partner with Brian. Troy has been involved in the family business for years but his service to the Country came first. In January of 2015 the business named changed to ALL AMERICAN Fireworks to pay tribute to the famed 82nd Airborne Division where Troy spent most of his career. They are currently operating under the DBA of Gladiator Pyro.